Benefits Of Delta-8-THC

The controversial cannabis plant contains over 100 cannabinoids. But, somehow, the world seems to focus on only two – THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD(Cannabidiol).

Why so?

Perhaps – because THC – the high causing compound in the cannabis plant is most abundant, among other components. It may be correct to think this psychoactive ingredient was what [first] caught the world’s attention to the ancient plant – before other potentialities were discovered.

CBD, another dominant cannabis compound, is widely thought medicinal.

But, while these cannabinoids (compounds extracted from cannabis) are most common, other compounds, although present in small portions) may also have something to offer.

Among the ‘minors,’ this article discusses the Delta-8-THC’ purported benefits and possible side effects.

It is worthy of mention that these are but mere claims and remains so, until substantial evidence are available to back the existing clinical data.

What are the Possible Benefits of Delta-8-THC

Although found in remarkably small quantity in the cannabis plant, research so far on delta-8-THC looks promising. Manufacturers are beginning to eye this prospect as more techniques for producing Delta-8-THC emerge.

With increasing research into this compound – and others in the cannabis plant– Delta-8-THC may soon become famous as its twin, THC, and sibling, CBD.

As we anticipate the compound’s promising future, let’s quickly examine some findings so far on delta-8-THC likely potentials:

  • Anti-tumor

A 2013 research say delta-8-THC is thought to hinder tumor growth. Delta-8-THC, Delta-9-THC, and CBN (Cannabinol) were believed to reduce the growth of Lewis Lung Adenocarcinoma cells in vivo and vitro. Besides, the finding thinks the cannabinoid may also inhibit the growth of other tumors.

  • Antiemetic

An old research reports delta-8-THC’s potential in reducing nausea symptoms in children – without leaving any significant side effects. 18 mg/m2 edible oil was administered to 8 kids within the 3 to 13 age range. The children had different forms of hematologic cancers, which had been reportedly treated for about 8 months with several antineoplastic drugs. The compound prevented vomiting and left some negligible side effects.

  • Appetite Stimulant

In 2004, the Pharmacol Biochem featured a mice-based study that says delta-8-THC may trigger food cravings as well as boost cognitive functions.

Similar effects were noticed even with low doses. 0.001 mg/kg was administered to the subjects, and the outcome was without the typical side effects associated with cannabis.

By this, Delta-8-THC, in low doses, may come handy in managing weight disorders with little or no cannabimimetic side effects.

  • Analgesic

A 2018 research review suggests cannabinoids’ potentials in inflammation and pain management. The study applied Dealt-8-THC and CBD topically and found that, in synergy, these compounds prove anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive.

  • Neuroprotective

An old mice-based study published in the Alcohol and Drug Research Journal claims the brain activity monitored in the study shows delta-8-THC may contain certain neuroprotective properties.

The study aimed at testing different cannabinoids. However, during the test, the researchers found Delta-8-THC stood out, as it offered significant effect within a minute after dosage

While the research reports [so far] look promising, more research is needed to substantiate existing data on Delta-8-THC’s properties and effectiveness.

Any side effects?

Yes – Researchers found but insignificant side effects. Far less than found in most pharmaceutical options. Although more research is needed, delta-8-THC may share similar effects typical of cannabis products but without delta-9-THC’s dreaded psychoactive effects.

Yet, this compound, with its high THC level, should be used cautiously. Although research so far say delta-8-THC is way less psychoactive than delta-9-, users have reported a possible overdose.

We advise you to begin with low doses, watch the effect over an hour or two, and increase accordingly.